Halloween Costume Mini

$18.00 - $108.00

The best part of Halloween is getting to dress up! Now your pets can join in on the fun. I can draw your pet in just about ANY costume...Ghosts, Pirates, Witches, Goblins, Jedi, Princesses, you name it! I’ll have them pictured costumed and sitting with a smoldering cauldron and surrounded by flitting bats, unless otherwise specified.


HOW TO SEND PHOTOS: You will need to Email your photos details to [email protected] after making your purchase. (If you’ve included your details in a note during check-out, its still best to follow-up with an Email.) TIP: You may respond to the order confirmation email from my website (not the PayPal email) with your photos and details as well, and that way it will copy your order#/details along with it.

Questions? Check my FAQ tab above first, I may have the answer you’re looking for. If not, please feel free to Email me.

-The drop-down menu represents the number of pets/people on the portrait you are ordering. Separate portraits must be added to your shopping cart individually. 1-4 pets will usually be on a 4"x6" portrait, any greater than 4 may be on a 6x9 depending on the portrait style and your preferences.

(I can do more than 12 pets on a portrait, but you must Email me and we can arrange a special listing.)

-You may request a larger portrait but PLEASE NOTE that a larger portrait size does NOT = Larger Pets/People in it, the figures are the same “miniature” size with a much greater background. Some folks like this aesthetic.

-I do not need professional quality photos, only enough to show your pet’s markings and whether or not they have a tail. I can even work off a very good description.

-If you want people included in your portrait, include them as though they were additional pets in your order.

-YES I can paint any kind of pet (horses, cows, chickens, lizards, penguins, you name it) in just about any kind of setting. But, if you have any questions feel free to Email me and ask.

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