1. How do I send you my photos for my mini portrait?

A- Email your photos to [email protected] OR just respond to your order confirmation email with all your order details...Please do not expect a confirmation email regarding your pics. If I have questions I will reach out once I have reached your order. 


2. How long does it take to get a mini done?

A- I usually complete and send you a preview of your mini(s) within 10-14 days of your order being placed, depending on how busy I am at that time. Things get busy around the holidays, so I always advise planning ahead.


3. I have questions after I placed my order and sent you pics. How do I reach you?

Email at [email protected] (...sometimes if you send me several under the same header they get stacked away and missed until I am on your order, so bear with me.)


4. I ordered a LOT of minis. What is the best way to send you all my photos and details?

A- You can divide your individual orders into separate Emails, OR list them all in one, it doesn’t matter on my end. BUT If you label each photo with the name of the pet, things get less confusing for me overall. 


5. I sent you photos. Why have I not heard anything?

A- I generally do not respond when I receive photos. When I reach your order, if there are any questions or if photos didn't come through, at that time I will reach out with questions, as they can be addressed regarding the creation of your order more readily at that time. Otherwise, you can expect to receive a preview before it is shipped.


6. How do I order for someone else?

Order under the name of the person you're wishing the portrait to ship to, and enter all their info into the address details EXCEPT the email...use YOUR email so you're the one who will get the tracking/shipping notifications. The invoice will be emailed to you as well.

I do not include invoices with my actual orders so there will be no receipt mailed with your mini, just a card detailing who gifted the mini.